Annual Report Awards & Other Publication Categories

These categories recognize innovation in business-related publications since July 1 2017.  Forms of innovation to be considered including innovation in design, format, production, distribution, and/or interactivity.

Information to be submitted online for entries in these categories include
a. An essay of up to 625 words describing the publication and the innovative aspect of the publication that you are nominating.  In the essay, describe the genesis of the innovation, how it was developed and executed, and the results of the innovation to date.
b. The publication, in electronic form, as an attachment or a URL, which you must attach to your entry through our attachment/link uploading tool.
c. Optionally, you may list creative and production credits for your work - a list of the people and organizations that contributed to its development

F01. Award for Innovation in Annual Reports
F02. Award for Innovation in Government Publications
F03. Award for Innovation in Marketing or Sales Literature
F04. Award for Innovation in House/Internal Organs and Publications
F05. Award for Innovation in Non-Profit/NGO Publications
F06. Award for Innovation in Public Enterprise Publications
F07. Award for Innovation in Other Types of Publications


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